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How Time Flies…

Has it been a year already?  According to WordPress, I made 23 new posts this year.  Really?  Only 23?  That’s about 2 posts a month, and half of what I posted in 2012.  Not good at all.  I can’t say if … Continue reading

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Many, many years ago, 1994 I think it was, we made a day trip to Sagada from Banaue.  We found ourselves a guide and he suggested that we do the caves.  That was 18 years ago, I was not the … Continue reading

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Random Travel Snaps: Threatened Heirlooms

Upland palay (unhusked rice grains) left on the road to dry –  somewhere between Kiangan and Banaue, Mt. Province. Kalinga Unoy Sun Dried Rice – Red heirloom rice from the terraced fields of the Philippines. Kalinga Unoy is a rusty-red, speckled … Continue reading

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Picnic In the Woods

We found our spot, laid out the mats, set up the portable table and chairs, brought out the wine and some snacks, enjoying the open sky, the lovely weather and the great view. It was a day spent with good friends, … Continue reading

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Bomod-ok Trek: Ten Things Before

Credits:  All materials used from JSprague’s Digi in Deep Lesson kit. A visit to Sagada is not complete without doing one or two of its more popular activities – trek to Bomod-ok falls, explore Sumaging cave or traverse to Lumiang.  … Continue reading

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The Way to Bomod-ok

This looks like an ordinary rice plantation, zoom out a bit and it’s no longer so ordinary. Zoom out further and you will see why I love trekking to Bomod-ok falls, sometimes called the “big falls”. The falls can be … Continue reading

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Sagada: Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins et al

When we passed this sign, my heart skipped a beat because in just another hour or so, I will be re-acquainted with my favorite town.  The town I want to retire in, I always say. When I need to de-stress, … Continue reading

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Kiangan Side Trip

More like a scrumptious lunch break from the 7+ hours drive from Manila. It was an eagerly anticipated side trip, a delectable meal guaranteed. Taken from the 2nd floor:  Left photo — where Dr. Kalugdan entertains while Dra. Kalugdan happily … Continue reading

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Banaue Rice Terraces

Credits: Quickpage by LCP using the “You are Awsome” collaborative kit created by J Sprague. Construction of the terraces is carried out with great care and precision. An underground conduit is placed within the fill for drainage purposes. The groups … Continue reading

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Casa Vallejo: Back To Life

More than a hundred years ago, the Americans develop Baguio into a hill station. They also established Camp John Hay, Brent School, and Baguio Country club during that time.  Not long after, Baguio became known as the Philippines’ summer capital … Continue reading

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