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Visiting Xin Xin and Kai Kai

In a simulated indoor garden, Xin Xin munched on bamboo leaves. She seemed unfazed by the crowd, albeit small at 10 in the morning. Outside, Kai Kai is the same, although he seemed more playful than his friend. We took the … Continue reading

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I peered from the balcony of our room, amused by the change of yesterday’s warm hues of autumn. Today, I wake up to the white of winter. Our agenda for the day was to spend it in the castle town … Continue reading

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Kamikochi: A glimpse of the Japanese Alps

Credits:  Template by Jen Caputo; Papers: Designs by Sarah Bennett, Erica Zane, Gwenipooh Designs. Haynay Designs. Sometimes a change in plans is a good thing.  We arrived in Hirayu Onsen early.  Our room wasn’t ready yet.  “You may want to … Continue reading

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Onsen: A New Found Love

Getting ready for my first outdoor “hot spring” bath, I found myself in a room filled with women of all ages, some soaking in the (indoor) pool and others seated on stools going about the bathing rituals. I found an … Continue reading

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Gassho-zukuri.  We’re not done talking about it yet because there are still some that can be found in typical farming villages, some ordinary folks still call it home, this 250-year old special farmhouses. These villages still exist, and one is … Continue reading

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A Feast for the Eyes and Soul

Credits:  Template by K Pertiet (Bears Life) I love how the Gassho-Zukuri farmhouses stand out against the warm hues of autumn – a stunning contrast, really.  This tall (possibly 3-4 stories high) coffee-colored A-shaped thatched roof farmhouses were first built … Continue reading

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Takayama Morning Markets

It was cold. The warmth of the comforter and the futon was extremely inviting, but I was determined not to give in to the temptation because we are going to the market today. So at exactly 6am, we ambled to … Continue reading

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