WS# 3: Salad Delight


Credits:  Katie Pertiet -Delight underlay

After all the devouring done over what was the holidays, I’ve resolved to go healthy this month (stretching perhaps to the whole year?) with more salads, less meats, more exercise, less time in the computer.  Just sharing my first delightfully refreshing salad concoction for the year.

Mixed together salad greens (spinach, tatsoi, arugula) with grapes, pomegranate, mushrooms and blue cheese crumbles.  For the salad dressing, I mixed together Apple Cider Vinegar, olive oil and some pomegranate juice from the fruit.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Loved the combination of salty (from the blue cheese),sweet (from the grapes), sour (from the vinegar) and tart (from the pomegranate).


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