I’m Back (to Real Life)!!

Has it been a month?  How time flies when you’re havin’ fun!!!  It’s been a whole month of cool (cold) weather, wildlife galore, magnificent views, quaint towns, glaciers to die for and food – a great deal of food.  Months of planning this dream trip of a lifetime had definitely come to fruition and I couldn’t ask for a better R&R!

But even before we felt the heat, this greeted us:

 homecomingchaos !

That’s homecoming-Philippine style, my friends.  Four flights sharing 2 carousels!  Ridiculous, I know, but nothing can dampen my spirits from an exhilarating experience that just went too fast.

But before anything else, allow me to soak in the beauty of this amazing world of ours.  Can’t wait to share what I saw with you, after I sort out the pixes.  Photo sorting is dirty business you know but hop on anytime and join me in my North American journey.  It was worth my while and I hope it will be worth yours too.

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3 Responses to I’m Back (to Real Life)!!

  1. lawstude says:

    wow. i will definitely anticipate your future posts. welcome home.


  2. Tanvi says:

    Hi..Thanks for your comment on my post.

    Nice post here…Welcome back home.


  3. Gattina says:

    If it comforts you, that happens in other countries too ! sometimes it’s a real mess !


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