WS# 5: Flavored Polvorons?!


I love polvorons and someone I work with gifted me with a box of polvorons this week.  Not just regular polvorons, mind you… but cute, flavored ones!


They came in a long strip of box and as you slide to open, it reveals the different shapes and colors looking so delicious you can’t wait to pop them into your mouth.  Each shape is assigned a flavor.


The flavors, you ask? …are Lavender, Rose, Cranberry and Kiwi.  Weird?  Being the adventurer that I am, it whetted my imagination and I couldn’t wait to be acquainted with these babies.  So did it measure up to my expectation? …I liked the Cranberry the most and the Lavender the least.  The latter had too much lavender essence, leaving a bad bitter after taste.  The cranberry was decent, different to say the least although I find them all a tad too sweet and I’ll stick to the regular ones for now, thank you very much!  I however, give the creator a 10 for creativity.  I think that these little babies will stand a chance if they go easy on the essences, not to overpower but to merely add hints of the flavors.

Perhaps it’s just me… you may want to try them and judge for yourself.   😉

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