18 Small Things

Credits:  JSprague 40 small things template; Moninda Fall Meditation papers.

I am

Blessed with… the opportunity to travel ✪ a wonderful family ✪ supportive parents ✪ travel buddies

Always up for… coffee and dessert ✪ a weekend getaway ✪ a trip to exotic places ✪ good food ✪ new discoveries ✪ new adventures

A sucker for… open-toed sandals ✪ banana cream pies ✪ anything related to travel ✪ non-fat almond latte

Calmed by… the knowledge that God is in control ✪ the presence of family and friends ✪ the sound of flowing water ✪ a good book

3 thoughts on “18 Small Things

  1. Your photos always make me homesick… 😦 thanks again for sharing your adventures and always looking forward to your posts and I am so inspired by your high-spirit. Keep it coming Jenn.
    Namaste, Btw, I also do a little scrapping – digi and the traditional.


  2. Jenn, keep enjoying life to the fullest. It is the best way to appreciate life, your blessings. To spend these with your loved one makes it more special. Keep it up. cheers!


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