More than Tuna…

General Santos has an array of good eats that made me more than smile.  Here’s what has landed on the top of my list. Durian Gatchpuccino – cappuccino with a twist Named after its owner Gatchi Gatchialian, I reckon. Blugre Coffee, originally from Davao, became famous for their Durian coffee concoction. Heard so much about it … Continue reading More than Tuna…


Go Fish!

Tuna fishers in a busy international fishport, porters hauling them off to be weighed in the market… a scene we almost did not get to see. Up at the crack of dawn, I got ready to meet up with the others to visit GSFPC – that’s General Santos Fish Port Complex.  We walked a few … Continue reading Go Fish!

Brass and Beads

Creative – that’s what they are.  The Tbolis possess marvelous traditional craft skills up to this day – aside from weaving, they are also known for their wax brass casting and colorful beadworks, which are used as jewelries, accessories or home décor.  They are also very stylish people, the T’bolis – some of the accessories … Continue reading Brass and Beads