Experience Historic Marrakech

“Alahu Akbar, god is great, come and pray,” an imam calls to the neighborhood over a loud-speaker, a familiar background noise by now.  In a different light, tradesmen standing outside his store enthusiastically calls for attention to sell with “Konichiwa," “Ni Haw," or a simple “Hello." The medina, albeit still a maze, is not as … Continue reading Experience Historic Marrakech


Meandering Through Old Fes

You hear the bangs of coppersmiths in the labyrinth souks combined with the beat and clangs of Moroccan music and the constant calls to prayers, add to that the intoxicating smells of fruits, spices, fresh innards and dung, then you see the chaos of men pushing wheelbarrows, children playing and donkeys transporting people and things, … Continue reading Meandering Through Old Fes