A Lazy Afternoon in Biri

Climbing, wading and swimming under the scorching heat can be tiring.  I felt like a nap, which was what I did as soon as we arrived at our resort. I was practically falling asleep on the habal-habal.   🙂 Not even the halo-halo stand attracted me to stop.  All I could think of is that … Continue reading A Lazy Afternoon in Biri


A Climax Unparalleled

Credits:  Template by Crystal Wilkerson. Am so happy that we followed our instincts, we had decided to stay one night instead of the suggested day trip.  I figured that the dramatic rock formations would make for a dramatic sunset or sunrise.  And I was right!  I was hoping for a sunset because I could never … Continue reading A Climax Unparalleled


“Captivating” was how A described Biri.  He promised to take me there “one of these days”, he said.  That was 7 years ago.  He was invited by his friends in the tourism office to check out Northern Samar.  When he came back, he couldn’t stop raving about the breathtaking rock formation and how wild the … Continue reading Captivating

Faro de Isla Capul

Credits:  JSprague Typewriter2 Paper kit; DD MWISE A la Mode Brush- Scroll; KPertiet Grunge up photo block; JSprague Grungy edge frame; KPertiet Storyboard Negs frame; Alpha from JSprague's Grand Intention Kit. The mystery of lighthouses – they’ve always fascinated me.  Standing tall, alone and mysterious, shining its light on travelling vessels... never fails to evoke … Continue reading Faro de Isla Capul

A Simple Life

Credits:  Daniella Austen's Fancy Quickpage 3. The largest island, Dalipuri is the only one with resorts established among a cluster of islands known as the Balicuatro Islands.  The rest of the islands are mostly home to farmers and fishermen.  San Vicente has 7 islets called the Naranjo group.  On our way there, someone in our … Continue reading A Simple Life