I Believe…

Our generally peaceful elections happened more than a week ago.  We have a new president-elect.  My candidate did not win and it left me emotional for a day or two but life does not stop just because…  and so it went on.  The people have chosen and well… gotta respect that.  But I am entitled to my opinion, after all this is my blog.   🙂 Methinks we let the good one slip away, yes we did.  And why do I think so?  Because the good one had a plan, his proposed policies are practical and doable; he gives importance to education, it is key to one’s success in life as it is key to a country’s success.  To minimize corruption, his plan was to offer incentives and rewards for good behavior.   He also does not bicker as the other politicians do.  He was able to mount a positive, credible and issue-based campaign without having to resort to mudslinging tactics against any of his opponents to win over millions.  One of his main platforms is national unity and reconciliation.  I believe that if he had won, he could do a lot more for our country as he thinks outside the box.  I also believe that this is just the beginning.  He has awaken a previously indifferent constituent in me.   I will, in the meantime, silently keep an eye on our newly elected President; pray that integrity and good principles guide his administration for the next 6 years.

As I was contemplating on the events of the past week, I remembered this cool video with very good advice to boot.  Inspired by it, I came up with a few lessons learned thus far, that I strongly believe in.

Credits:  JS In A Word papers, text flowers and text swirls.


I’ve been remiss in my posts because real world has taken over for now.  It’s planning season.  I am swamped.  Not swamped enough though to give up a weekend trip to Macau.  While in Macau, we received news that Manila was under water and many of our friends were stranded or flooded in.  The extent of it did not sink in until I went to work on Tuesday.  Some employees were rendered homeless and more than 60 of them were flooded in, some to the roof.  The recent devastation that hit Manila chose no one and struck all social stratum.  But for those nowhere to go, no roof on their heads, it is devastating.  Red Cross is accepting donations to help those that were battered by Typhoon Ondoy.  Click here to help.