I Believe…

Our generally peaceful elections happened more than a week ago.  We have a new president-elect.  My candidate did not win and it left me emotional for a day or two but life does not stop just because…  and so it went on.  The people have chosen and well… gotta respect that.  But I am entitled to my opinion, after all this is my blog.   🙂 Methinks we let the good one slip away, yes we did.  And why do I think so?  Because the good one had a plan, his proposed policies are practical and doable; he gives importance to education, it is key to one’s success in life as it is key to a country’s success.  To minimize corruption, his plan was to offer incentives and rewards for good behavior.   He also does not bicker as the other politicians do.  He was able to mount a positive, credible and issue-based campaign without having to resort to mudslinging tactics against any of his opponents to win over millions.  One of his main platforms is national unity and reconciliation.  I believe that if he had won, he could do a lot more for our country as he thinks outside the box.  I also believe that this is just the beginning.  He has awaken a previously indifferent constituent in me.   I will, in the meantime, silently keep an eye on our newly elected President; pray that integrity and good principles guide his administration for the next 6 years.

As I was contemplating on the events of the past week, I remembered this cool video with very good advice to boot.  Inspired by it, I came up with a few lessons learned thus far, that I strongly believe in.

Credits:  JS In A Word papers, text flowers and text swirls.

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