Of Hammams, Ports and Fish Markets

In a room, “Careless Whisper” played in the background, hot water ran from a faucet onto a pail, steaming the room.  On a bench in one side of the room, I sat and waited. Soon after, a lady entered and impassively poured hot water over me; I shivered at first then felt the water soothingly … Continue reading Of Hammams, Ports and Fish Markets


Meandering Through Old Fes

You hear the bangs of coppersmiths in the labyrinth souks combined with the beat and clangs of Moroccan music and the constant calls to prayers, add to that the intoxicating smells of fruits, spices, fresh innards and dung, then you see the chaos of men pushing wheelbarrows, children playing and donkeys transporting people and things, … Continue reading Meandering Through Old Fes

Nishiki Market

Kyoto has a kitchen in a vibrant retail market specializing in all things related to food – fresh seafood, fresh produce, fresh fruits, sweets, knives, cookware, etc. – 5 blocks long, lined with more than one hundred shops and restaurants.  This is where to find Kyoto’s specialties and many seasonal foods. Located in central Kyoto, … Continue reading Nishiki Market

My Wonderland

If I lived in San Francisco, I’d be hanging out a lot here, spending all my hard-earned money on everything on display.  This is my wonderland. Located at the foot of Market Street is Ferry Building Marketplace.  Shops in all sizes offer everything from frozen yogurt to artisan cheeses. Acme Breads -- giving Boudin a … Continue reading My Wonderland

On Market Day

Saturday is market day for the T’bolis and a smattering of them still turn up in a semblance of a traditional ensemble.  Take out these lingering few; market day in Lake Sebu was quite a let down.  Without them, the market looked like an ordinary tiangge (bazaar) with merchandise perhaps coming from Manila or even … Continue reading On Market Day