Nishiki Market

Kyoto has a kitchen in a vibrant retail market specializing in all things related to food –



fresh seafood, fresh produce, fresh fruits, sweets, knives, cookware, etc. – 5 blocks long, lined with more than one hundred shops and restaurants.  This is where to find Kyoto’s specialties and many seasonal foods.


Located in central Kyoto, this narrow market has supplied Kyoto’s residents with high quality traditional ingredients for centuries.  The history extends some 400 years ago, and many shops are still operated by their founding families.


A walk down Nishiki-koji will give you a sense of what Kyoto is all about.  This may not appeal to just any visitor, but this can be pure heaven to lovers of food and the kitchen.




In the narrow alleys of the market, the stalls are filled with food items of any kind – some already prepared while others yet to be cooked.  A great place to eat too, with so many intriguing eateries to choose from and we could have, but they close at 5.



Local markets, I believe, reflects the culture and economy of a place and visiting these markets is one of my joys in traveling.  Whenever you can on your next trip, go hit the market.  It usually is a plethora of everyday stuff that characterizes a city.





Useful Info

Getting There:  From JR Kyoto Station, take the Karasuma Subway to the Shijo Station.  It is a 5 mins walk to the market.  The market is parallel to Shijo Ave., connected to the Teramachi Shopping arcade.

Nishiki Market
Nishikikōji-dōri between Teramachi & Takakura
Opens daily except Wednesday from 9am – 5pm

2 thoughts on “Nishiki Market

    1. Yes, the market is the cleanest I’ve ever been to. Typical of the Japanese and their surroundings, be it their own home, establishments or even just the general public places, everything is clean and neat. My first thoughts were OC, they must all be OCs. 🙂


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