Why This Blog

I have this huge passion to see the world.  I relish trying new things and I will try almost anything at least once.  I like challenging my comfort zone.  The thought of a new adventure excites me no end – like a giddy kid waiting for Christmas morning.  This sense of adventure has brought me to places like Batanes, Banaue, Sagada, Siem Reap, Bali, Pontefino, Salzburg, Tibet… and those are quite familiar places.   It has likewise introduced me to hidden treasures such as Balbalasang, Lake Sebu, Tinglayan, Baggao, Tinagong Dagat… remote towns not (yet) ventured by many.

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That was before 2004, when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.  For a while, my life revolved around getting well.  Those months of treatments had me worried about my future.  Not that if I was going to live or not but more that I might not be able to go backpacking into the woods or rough it up just to explore remote places anymore.  Yeah… I do have a distorted sense of priority!  Little did I know that I’d be faced with many firsts in my life after my treatment.  Cancer has indeed bolstered my sense of adventure.  Since then, I’ve backpacked around East Africa (mostly by bus), even gotten lost in a remote African village, whitewater rafted one of the most exciting rivers in Uganda, learned to dive and last year found my self up close with Manta Rays.  Awesome adventures that was never in my agenda.

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By God’s grace, I am well today and able to continue do more with my life.  Cancer has taught me to rest in God, to lift up my life to his care and (I try to patiently) wait for what’s in store.  I learned not to take anything for granted and to seize every opportunity that comes my way.  For I do not hold tomorrow, I can only live for today.  I try to go with the flow and take whatever life presents to me and so far, I’ve lived the best life ever after my diagnosis.

I started this blog primarily to chronicle my travels and what nots.  I soon realized that many have been diagnosed with life threatening diseases and if this will serve as inspiration or encouragement to them, than this blog has served its purpose.


23 thoughts on “Why This Blog

  1. i found your blog because i was looking for blogs by Filipinos or blogs tagged as “Philippines”. i hope you stay healthy, and i hope you experience more adventures in your life… 🙂 god bless!


  2. Im glad to come across your facebook page and got to know about your blog…very inspiring! Praying for your good health so you can share more of your adventures. If you hapen to pass by Baggao again, message me coz im from this remote place. We have hidden treasures as well like the blue water falls and hot springs 🙂


    1. Thanks Joe. I really enjoyed our Baggao adventure, particularly the waterfalls. It could be by far the best falls I’ve ever seen. Never been on the hot spring so that might be a good reason to go back! 🙂 Thanks for the visits.


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  4. God bless Jenn, a stress free mind and a happy spirit maybe the key to wellness. Regular meditation will be good too. You are so privileged in this lifetime, a lot to thank God for. I envy some of your travels which are in my dreams but can’t afford to, e.g. Tibet etc. Machu Picchu and Brazil also some of them. Thanks for your honesty.


  5. Sis , I do believe that GOD made you as an instrument, to let more people in this world know that there is for sure a SUPERNATURAL BEING out there that through affliction ,gave you courage to reach the distant places and the strenght to send your messages through blogging to all the corners of the world, for those who are sick ,you gave them inspiration and for those who are’nt you gave us hope,and to exercise humility, and learn how to have faith that people who are sick will be healed. PRAISE THE LORD, we’ll always include you on our daily prayers, get well soon.


  6. After seeing this blog, I just decided that I’ve gotta travel more and explore the world…

    I’d be happy to give you a ride if you ever get back here in Cagayan Valley!

    May the Force be with you! 🙂


    1. Hi dotep,

      Thanks for the offer and the visit. Happy (future) traveling to you. 🙂 It sure is a gratifying endeavor.


  7. Am glad the lady who helped me in the knitting store in Santa Barbara reminded me of you (r face). That’s the reason why i’m now reading the About and Why this blog section. That you may travel many more beautiful places on this earth!

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  8. Hello, found your blog while searching for Canadian mountains. Just wanted to say what a beautiful blog! Saved it as one of my favorites. ps. love the motorcycle and side car. Can you tell what kind of sidecar that is? I want one, so cool! Thanks.


    1. Hi Sky… thanks for dropping by. The motorcycle with the side car is called a Tricycle in my part of the world. Just like Thailand’s tuktuk, the tricycle (along with our jeepneys) are generally used as public transportation.


  9. hi, I like your blog, let’s visit TUY HOA city, phuyen province I hope get you discover my home town, pls to meet you , have a good time for you


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