‘Twas A Swell 2011

I’m hoping that it being the holiday season, you wouldn’t notice that I haven’t blogged much.  I had wanted to finish my series on Taiwan but I guess the busyness of the season got the better of me.  That said, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as I had with family in chilly … Continue reading ‘Twas A Swell 2011


A Good Start

I got this for Christmas and had it for breakfast today.  I’ve been eating way too much this last few weeks and the parties still ain’t over.  There are still those “let’s just meet up next year” because our schedules wouldn’t match.  So anyway, I promised to eat healthier as much as I can and … Continue reading A Good Start


Credits: Daniela Austen's In the Meadow Quickpage, LivEdesign's Best day brush set, LivEdesign's Sing 4 Spring Button Accent 1 & 2, LivEdesign's Twill2 delight accent …has been one amazing year.  There were lots of travels within and outside the country, a bit of adventure and exploration with lots of eating in between.  I hope it … Continue reading 2010