A Good Start

I got this for Christmas and had it for breakfast today.  I’ve been eating way too much this last few weeks and the parties still ain’t over.  There are still those “let’s just meet up next year” because our schedules wouldn’t match.  So anyway, I promised to eat healthier as much as I can and because I stayed home today, I had this for brunch.

Not exactly the healthiest kind of granola—there’s white chocolate mixed with the oats, chopped macadamia nuts, raisins and craisins (mine) and loads of honey, that’s why.  But I love it.  With fresh milk (low-fat), a bowl of this homemade granola filled me up till dinnertime.  Seriously.  Methinks I’m off to a  good start.  I hope you’re having a good 1st day of the year too.   🙂


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