New York, New York

Credits:  All papers and elements from JSprague’s Dig in Deep Lesson 1 supplies

I woke up to the city that doesn’t sleep, the home of Broadway and many fine cuisines.  After a looong and roundabout trip to New York from San Francisco, I woke up to the announcement that we had landed at La Guardia – finally.  This long weekend getaway with my High School buddies may have started with a bump surely ended with a BANG!  We bunked at R & C’s apartment, taking over their living/dining room area,

– watched Green Day’s American Idiot on Broadway,

Yao’s Dragon Beard Candy

– had a feast of all things edible,

– shopped at every Lululemon Athletica we passed just because my friends are work-out addicts!!

47 Wellness Co.

– had a wonderful “Tuina” head and shoulder massage at an unassuming Chinese Qigong Tuina Center found at the basement,

– got introduced to a really good cuppa Joe

– and learned to make scones!

A truly wicked 4 days of fun, laughter and overindulgence… coming up soon.   😉

Useful Info:

Best Massage Ever! (in my humble opinion)

47 Wellness Co.
670 9th Ave., the basement
(between 46th & 47th St)
New York, NY 10036
Tel:  (212)265-2788
Opens from 11am-10pm (Sun-Thur) / 11am-11pm (Fri- Sat)

2 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. when i need a massage, i try to go to chinatown, or any chinese establishments that offer the service. i like the way they rub my aches away and much cheaper too.

    wow i would love to see american idiots on stage.


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