Market, Market!!


I love visiting markets, especially if it is the local market.  It is for me, the soul of a city.  The market reveals so much about the culture of a place.  It is, after all, where the locals go to get their fresh produce and livestocks.  Baguio is no exception and it is actually one of the highlights whenever I find myself there.  A trip to Baguio will never be complete without a trip to the market.


Located high up in the mountains of the province of Benguet and due to the cold weather, fruits, vegetables and even coffee beans grow beautifully and abundantly in this “city of pines”.  The province provides the entire Luzon majority of its vegetables, so they don’t get any fresher in this city.


You’ll find stalls upon stalls of various types of produce obviously from fresh fruits


and vegetables


to organic red mountain rice


to coffee. Garcia’s is at the top of my list for good quality coffee beans.  Quite a variety to choose from and best of all, they deliver to Manila for a fee and I think a minimum order of 5 kilos.


Also ranking high on my list (more than the veggies actually) is the delectable longganisa (Filipino style sausages).  They are just the yummiest and I always go for the Baguio special garlic flavor, the one they serve at the Baguio Country Club.  Just writing about it makes me want to cook me some longganisa… haha!  😀

This is the last post on my recent Baguio trip and my entry to My World.  To have a glimpse of other beautiful worlds, visit My World Tuesday.

Garcia’s Pure Coffee
No. 10-A Chuchria Section, Hangar Market, Baguio City
Mobile:  09175071365


14 thoughts on “Market, Market!!

  1. This market is absolutely wonderful, anyway I think the Philippines a very scenic and utterly interesting country with its diverse beautiful culture.


  2. I enjoyed reading your Baguio series and the market too is for me the one thing I want to visit when I travel. I love to see or buy beautiful cheap souvenirs there too. Oh my, the chorizo is one of my favorites, the best here in Visayas are the ones from Cebu.

    Til next week then!


  3. I love markets, too! I actually call markets a paradise! Have you seen the aftermath of the fire in Baguio City Market?

    Thanks for dropping by my site for My World Tuesday.


  4. @ Louise: we normally serve this for breakfast but i can have it for lunch and dinner as well 🙂

    @ chrome3d: it is one of the biggest market, selling all kinds of stuff and one of the cleanest too!

    @Titania: thank you for thinking that of the Philippines. I am truly proud of its beauty and will continue to explore hidden treasures till I’m old and gray.

    @Today’s Blah: thanks! Re the chorizo, do you mean the chinese chorizo from Cebu? I crave for that sometimes!

    @Jenn: it happened the day after I took those photos and I think it damaged a part of the vegetable and souvenir area.

    @Wil: I shall do that if and when I get myself to the Netherlands. Thanks!

    @Arija: yes, there’s so much to see and smell in a market. So much character huh?


  5. great series of shots of the market. i so enjoy them too. the coffee beans…to die for and fresh sausages are one of my favorites.
    i posted recently about the market in florence where i just returned from a few weeks ago…take a peek if you haven’t already.
    have a wonderful week.


  6. What a great post. Your photographs are beautiful and oh how I wish there was such a market here. I miss having a farm market near where I live. I love the colours and smells and freshness of produce. It is always a reminder as to where our food comes from and who brings it to us. The superstores and supermarkets just don’t cut it. Thank you so much for sharing your world and thanks for stopping by my blog.


  7. i remember somebody told me that if you want to know something about the place, go to their market:) as you can see, it is where you can find a lot of things that say about the place, its people and its culture. nice pics:)


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