Responsible Traveling

Credits: Papers by Splendid Fin 4ever Swirls and Now is paper in green; The Design Girl paper 1; Elements from Scrap Matter's Life Little Surprises: leaf and flower by Scrapmuss; frame by Gwenipooh Designs; Splendid Fin Now is Striped ribbon My first entry to Sagada was in 1994. I was instantly drawn to it because … Continue reading Responsible Traveling


Random Travel Snaps: Threatened Heirlooms

Upland palay (unhusked rice grains) left on the road to dry --  somewhere between Kiangan and Banaue, Mt. Province. Kalinga Unoy Sun Dried Rice - Red heirloom rice from the terraced fields of the Philippines. Kalinga Unoy is a rusty-red, speckled colored rice grown with organic methods on ancient terraces in the Philippines, then naturally sun-dried … Continue reading Random Travel Snaps: Threatened Heirlooms