Begnas: A Ritual for Good Harvest

Happy and contented with finally being able to see up close the Panag-apoy, witnessing another festival is, what I would like to think of as, a bonus.

a-few-days-ago-2Walking to town from Ex-Mayor Killip’s house, which we rented for our stay, we saw these men in traditional Igorot clothes.

Former Sagada Mayor Tom Killip invited us to watch their ritual for a good harvest if we have time before heading down. Of course, we have time, we will make time.


Deeply rooted in culture and tradition, the Kankanaey community of Sagada celebrate a Rice Thanksgiving ritual that follows the cultural calendar of the Igorot. The dates of the Begnas are usually decided by the tribal leaders via age-old omen and signs and, therefore, have no fixed dates.elder

It is generally held to mark the different agricultural cycle—pre- planting or land preparation, planting and harvest—and apparently happens three times a year, loosely in March, June and November.

We were advised to be there early so not to disturb their celebration. Being early has its advantages.vantage-point

From our vantage point, we were able to watch the celebration up close without being in the way.gathering-in-the-dapay

Arriving in traditional clothes, men and women from different barangays gather in the hosting

It starts with a group of men in a single file going off to the rice fields to sacrifice a pig on sacred ground the community calls patpatayan.practicing

Meanwhile, the men left in the dap-ay started to perform their traditional dances, not to entertain us (but perhaps themselves) but that we were.   After a half an hour perhaps, they came back, still in single file, to the dap-ay with the pig divided into pieces. The ceremony ends with everyone participating in the dance and the pieces distributed to each community.



I am honored to have seen this tradition and was well worth setting our trip back for a few hours.

I leave you with more photos of the celebration:





5 thoughts on “Begnas: A Ritual for Good Harvest

  1. There was an old movie of Piolo and Juday where they had a traditional Igorot festival done at night too, right? Was that and this the same? Happy Easter


    1. Happy Easter! I am not familiar with that movie of Piolo and Juday. Begnas though happens in daytime. 😃


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  3. Hello Ms. Jen,


    Do you have photos taken at the residence of Former Mayor Killip and his exact address please…? We are planning to have a Sagada Tour by this year 2018 and stay at FM Killip’s residence… If you may please send them through my email address,… Would highly appreciate it…

    Thank you and warm regards…

    God bless,



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