PhotoHunt: Yellow


sunflowersCredits:  Paper – Karen Lewis About a Boy paper – brown; Frame – Karen Lewis About a Boy shadow frame; Embellishments – Karen Lewis About a Boy stitches

Today’s theme was easy and the first thing that came to mind was the sunflower shots I took last New Years in Sagada, Mt. Province located at the Northern Part of the Philippines.  Sagada is fast becoming a tourist destination if not for the distance and the accessibility, it would have been one of  THE tourist destination sharing the stage with Boracay and Palawan.  You’ll find my earlier Sagada posts here and here .

Sunflowers are abundant in Sagada.  Growing ubiquitously in the wild, this yellow flower adds to the charm of Sagada.  It attracts birds, bees and butterflies.  Today though in other parts of the world, it is grown for food and not just for birds.  So not only is it a sight for sore eyes, it is also an important source of food.  Sunflower oil is a healthy vegetable oil and sunflower seeds are enjoyed as a healthy snack and ingredients to many foods.  I particularly like sunflower seeds on my granola.

This week’s Photo Hunt theme is yellow, to join in the fun of photo scavenging, go here.

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19 Responses to PhotoHunt: Yellow

  1. Ah! Sunflowers are always so cheerful!


  2. sassy mom says:

    Ahhh, yellow sunflowers reminds me of childhood. My mom used to grow that when we were in the province. thanks for sharing!


  3. annant says:

    lurve seems like a sun which gives me hope 🙂

    have a great weekend 🙂


  4. Hootin* Anni says:

    perfect photo….are those bees?

    Mine’s posted…yellow flowers in our yard. Happy Hunting.


  5. Not only birds and insects are attracted to the sunflower, I’m also attracted. Lovely shot. And great info. Thanks for sharing


  6. Anna says:

    Beautiful shot!
    Sunflowers is like smiling small suns 🙂

    Mine is up too!
    Have a great weekend 🙂


  7. *lynne* says:

    Back when I was a young’un, I’d always been fascinated to read about sunflowers and how they followed the sun’s course in the sky every day. When I finally saw a real one, it was so cool, they certainly were as tall as I had imagined! Not as bright yellow as I thought, tho. But this photo of yours shows a very bright yellow one. Nice!

    Here’s my first participation in the Photo Hunt!!



  8. Mar says:

    I love sunflowers, love your shot for the theme.
    Happy hunting and happy weekend 🙂


  9. PowersTwinB says:

    Beautiful sunflower! I love the way you scrap booked the photo! My hunt is up, please come and see what a lady in California looks like at 65!


  10. Brita says:

    Beautiful shot!


  11. kaye says:

    sunflowers make me smile-and framed nicely as well


  12. Beautiful cheery yellow sunflowers!!! I participated at Sacred Ruminations today.
    Hugs and blessings,


  13. So pretty! I did yellow today, too! I hope you can come visit.

    Have a great weekend!


  14. Eden says:

    I did not even know that sunflowers grow in the Philippines! I am bringing seeds when I come to visit in August. I hope they grow in Cebu.

    And it is great to see blogs from the Phil.

    Visit mine here:


  15. Kim says:

    This photo is just beautiful! WOW!

    Mine is up…I’m just running behind visiting everyone else.


  16. marites says:

    I have always been fascinated with sunflower and how it follows the sun. It is just an amazing God’s creation. Nice scrap on the sunflower:)


  17. Sunflowers are indeed beautiful.

    Thanks for your visit and have a great week!


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