A Lazy Afternoon in Biri

Climbing, wading and swimming under the scorching heat can be tiring.  I felt like a nap, which was what I did as soon as we arrived at our resort.

I was practically falling asleep on the habal-habal.   🙂

Not even the halo-halo stand attracted me to stop.  All I could think of is that bed and our air-conditioned room.  But as soon as I woke up, there was nothing I want more than to devour on my all-time heat-quencher fave

– nothing like a delightful treat of homemade preserves topped with smoothly crushed ice and some milk to wake me up.  Bliss.

Halo-halo, the country’s most popular summer refreshment, has a different version in each municipality, each claiming to be the best.  So I find enjoyment in trying the different halo-halo around the country.  And the best ones are always those sold on the streets.

After that wonderful treat, I was ready to get to know the town.  A relatively clean town, I noticed.

The houses are a combination of the traditional nipa huts and concrete 2-storey structures such as that of our resort.

They were a friendly bunch of people; even the kids are not shy at all.

But he does not seem very happy, does he?  (heehee!)

While walking around town, I befriended a girl with the same name as mine, perhaps around 12 years old.  She walked beside me and we started conversing, she told me stories of each “big” house we passed.  Some were owned by balibayans but mostly by foreigners who have married a local.  Jennifer confessed that she wanted to practice her English because she hopes to marry a foreigner someday so she can live in a “big” house as well.  I tried to impress on her the value of education and once she has that, she will not need a “foreigner” in shining armor to sweep her off her feet.   😉

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the terrace of Biri Resort, sipping ice-cold beer and watching the sunset.  Uh-huh… simple pleasures at its finest.


10 thoughts on “A Lazy Afternoon in Biri

  1. Hello there! I’ve been reading your blogs since last month. Truly, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you have lots of it so i got a novel.. 🙂 My favorite so far is Lake Sebu and Biri.. I’m a fan!


  2. Hi Mhaye,
    Thanks so much for your heartwarming comment. So happy that you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy telling them. Lake Sebu and Biri, along with Sagada and Batanes are some of my most favorites spots in the Philippines.

    Hi Indrani,
    It was such a great pleasure lounging around, chatting with the locals but best of all is sipping my ice-cold beer and watch the sun set.


  3. i smiled sadly at Jennifer’s motivation to improve her English. girls in the cities dreamed of becoming actresses/singers and Jennifer wants to marry a foreigner. oh my, i’m seriously worried about the future.:p

    i also went on a halo-halo spree last summer.


  4. filipinas have earned a rather disturbing reputation around here of willing to exchange everything for “luxury” or promotion at work, or for easy money.

    this is of course totally opposite of the other half of the pinoy population that work extremely hard, taking on double jobs to earn a living.


  5. yuuuuum halo-halo is my favorite! now i’m craving for one hehe. love your shot of the sunset and there is no better way to watch that than how you did… with an ice-cold beer!

    good job on telling the girl about getting an education! she can’t just rely on a foreigner for her future.

    thanks for visiting my blog. drop by again soon!


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