A Feast To Die For

I leave you with this to feast on.  It was crab and lobster galore on the last day of our Northern Samar stint.  These fat crabs are to die for.

A hole in a wall serving all kinds of food so call in advance if you want to have a taste of that mouthwatering crabs and lobsters

If you are a crab/lobster lover, you must visit Octo King when you find yourself in Catarman.  MUST!

And if you want to explore Northern Samar, contact Josette Doctor of the Provincial Tourism Office .  She can help you with your itinerary.

* Some updates:  I made a mistake in Josette’s email address, now corrected.  Also added a phone number where you can contact her.

Important info:

Octo King
Contact Ronnie Biaca

Provincial Tourism Office
Contact Josette Doctor
(63 55) 251-8124

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2 Responses to A Feast To Die For

  1. Lawstude says:

    jotted down the number. i cud almost imagine crabs in garlic and butter yum yum.


  2. baktin says:

    Thank you so much Jenn for this info.
    Lawstude, sabay po sana ako in case you and your gang would be headed for N.Samar. 🙂


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