M/S Ryndam


Our means of transport around the inner passages of Alaska and where we were billeted for 7 nights.  It was smooth sailing all the way from Vancouver to Seward.


A moderately sized ship that feels cozy and homey.  Far from the humongous cruise ships that looked more like a structure than a ship.


I however will not comment until I have been in one lest I eat my words.  I never thought I’d be raving, never thought they were my thing but it seemed like the most economical way to get around Alaska.   So I decided to keep an open mind and I’m happy I did.  A wonderful surprise, I’ll say.


The Ryndam appealed to me because this 720feet vessel is designed to carry fewer guests and being so provided more space yet cozy enough to get to know some fellow traveller either at the bar or on shore excursions.

foie-grasYes… that’s sinful!

An experience I wouldn’t mind repeating.  I vividly remember an overflow of food at any given time, impressive amenities, enjoyed especially the wet floor where they had a heated lounge chair which never fails to drift me off to dreamland.

mojitoMy Mojoto!

Crow’s Nest bar was where we spent a lot of our time on board not only because of the booze and great bunch of people but also


because it is indoors and had an almost panoramic view… well, of mostly the ocean but when we approached each town,


we’d get great views of mountains,






and sometimes we’d catch a few dolphins and whales riding with the ship.  I’d say it is the best place to hang out and get the best of both worlds.


Oh, the sunsets were spectacular too and the service – impeccable.

Allow me to show you around.

bowThe bow

crow's-nest-barCrow’s Nest Bar

deck-at-sunsetWalking around the deck at sunset

float-planesFloat planes at the Vancouver Pier

lifeboatOur Lifeboat Station (very important information)

Ocean View StateroomOur Ocean View Stateroom

RotterdamRotterdam Dining Room features impeccable service.  Five course menus includes continental cuisine, vegetarian and low carb option.

starter at rotterdamMy starter of seafood cocktail at The Rotterdam

And more of the view!




And some fabulous sunsets!




M/S Ryndam is part of Holland America Lines.

Granville Island

Scenic Sunday


The first time I was in Vancouver I had already wanted to check out this cool place with a huge impressive public market but due to time and transportation constraints at the time, I gave up the idea and vowed to make it there next time.  Next time has come and what was at the top of my agenda?



Fish and chips (and the yummiest and biggest fried oysters I’ve ever encountered) at the Granville Public Market!

Although also pressed for time this time around as we were really just passing through Vancouver on our way to Alaska (and that’s for more exciting posts to watch out for in the next few weeks).  I made sure we make it there by hook or by crook!  It was worth the (long) wait.  Those who know me know that I love going to the market even though I am by no means considered a good cook.






I get a thrill each time I survey what’s in a market whether I am in my own neighborhood or out travelling.


This island is in the middle of the city and is physically connected to downtown Vancouver by the Granville Street Bridge.  One can’t tell from there the gem that awaits them.  Embodying the surrounding metro, Granville Island is matchless.  Its humble origins are far from what it has become, a popular area boasting of impressive art galleries, shops, dining places and a fabulous public market that offer a wide array of fresh and cooked food (as seen above).

Let’s walk around, shall we?

dog-walkerI’d walk the dogs here too!



ducks-3And more ducks!

feeding-the-pigeons-2Feeding them



houses-2Sea Village houses



neighborhoodThe neighborhood

little-girlAnd isn’t she a cutie?   🙂

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