The Yangshuo Charm

After chemo in 2005, I decided to take a short trip to China to cap this chapter of my life.  I wanted to start living “my life” again, the way I used to, even if I had to take baby steps to get back into my groove.  (I owe this story about me and I WILL post it as soon as I am ready to share.)  Anyway… Chose Yangshuo because it was close enough but it was not your typical Chinese town either.  It was still quite off the beaten path where backpackers still abound.  You get the same, if not better landscape in a vacation town with a plethora of interesting eateries and little shops as opposed to the big city of Guilin.  I like Yangshuo because it was small enough to explore, not intimidating at all.  Baby steps…


Credits: Alpha: Katescrap Barechip;  Papers: Clyle-carnival paper 2, Dmogstad – carnival paper, Hroselli – carnival paper- cream, Pspringmann – carnival paper;  Elements: ideacetis – carnival – lace (1), mmartin – carnival – beadswirl;  Frame: Joyfulheart Designs – plain jane single frame.

Outside of eating and shopping in town, the countryside and the Li River has a lot more to offer.  You can should do the following:

Ride a bike – wander through the countryside and enjoy the dramatic mountain backdrops.  The people are generally friendly.  Our guide went the extra mile and brought us to her home in the countryside and cooked us lunch.   😀

Cruise around Li River – take it from Xingping where the best limestone formations starts.

Rock Climbing – if you are into that.

Watch Impression of Lui Sanjie – by far the best thing we did in the 4 days we were there.  The show runs nightly during peak season.  It features a cast of 500 fishermen and a highly impressive light show performed on the Li River with the limestone formation as backdrop.  It was awe-inspiring, simply “goosebumps” amazing.


Yangshuo is about an hour away from Guilin.