The Windmills of Your Mind

Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning, on an ever-spinning reel… kept playing on my head as we approached the windmills in Bangui, also known as… Bangui Windmills!   😛

Lunch noodles consisting of crispy pork (bagnet style), eggs (sunny side up) and liver

After a simple lunch of Pancit Batil Patung (a noodle dish supposedly unique to Tuguegarao and is strangely being served in a Kitchenette along the way to Bangui),

we drove a little further and followed a dirt road leading to the bay, the majestic windmills already visible growing more majestic as we got closer –

15 wind turbines arranged in a row on the shore of Bangui Bay facing South China Sea.

Each turbine is roughly 70 meters high with blades 41 meters long and spaced approximately 200 meters apart,

our smallness so apparent against its imposing structure.

It is the 1st “wind farm” project in the Philippines owing to the poor quality of power supplied to Ilocos Norte by the National Power Corporation back in the late ‘90s.

Built by the Northwind Power Development Corporation and inaugurated in 2005, this project provides 40% of the power requirement of Ilocos Norte today.  It is also considered the biggest in Southeast Asia.

A sight one must see in person to experience first hand its grandness.

A cafe in the midst of windmills

Before heading to our final destination for day 1, which is our resort, we saw signs that points to Kang Kang Windmill Café.

Brewing our coffee

Curious and at the same time badly in need of some caffeine in our veins, we had a go at it.

Best with Chef Tony’s Belgian Butter Honey Roasted Popcorn… heavenly!

Curiosity has its rewards – freshly brewed Kalinga coffee in a small café named after their small sitio… our 3rd best find of the day!

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Scenic Sunday