Credits:  Papers – Grand Intentions Kit Stripe paper; Cre8 Mini Kit Blue Solid paper, both by Jessica Sprague;  Overlay – J Crowley Beautiful Evidence Overlay 2

In a town where eagles sometimes outnumber people, it was no surprise to me that there was only 1 restaurant serving lunch that day and it had to be Mexican.  As much as I like experiencing local fares wherever I am, I had to grant A this favor.  He had Mexican (burritos, tacos…) perhaps 15 out of the 17 days he spent on the Colorado River rafting the Grand Canyon, pure torture if you don’t like Mexican all that much.  So he refused to enter no matter how hard I tried luring him with the wonderful smell of carnitas, which I love.  No amount of sweet talk worked so after walking around town looking for another restaurant, I gave in a trekked back to the ship, which in truth had far more choices anyway.  All’s well that ends well.  We spent the rest of the day enjoying the ships amenities… the heated lounge bed at the spa.   😉

Eagles and Muskegs

Our journey continues on to Haines.

And here we went around with a naturalist bringing us through the “Valley of the Eagles” to view Haines’ most popular wildlife, the bald eagle hence the christening.

Powerful spotting scopes afford up close views of the eagle and other wildlife.  One can also take photo through the scope.

Year round resident eagles total approximately 400 but the population swells to at least 4,000 in the fall months of October – December.  More than the 2,400 locals residing in this small town.

We then stopped along the shore of a picturesque mountain lake before walking through an ancient muskeg beneath hemlock and spruce trees.  Coming from the Philippines, I’ve trekked many a tropical rainforest and experiencing the sights, sounds and scents of a temperate rainforest was a morning well spent.

Temperate rainforests are less humid, cooler and has more sunlight coming through making it more pleasant to walk through, to compare with the rainforest I know.

I noticed though that moss and algae covers more grounds and trunks in a temperate forest.

Some wildflower shots around Haines.


Nootka Lupine

Chocolate Lily