Double Double

Credits:  Papers from LivEdesigns’ SsunFun Paper pack — Moss, Sidewalk Chalk, Stripey and Vineyard.  Elements from PouYou’s Pink & Me kit — round stitch / couture 2; Scrapmatter’s Life’s Little Surprises Kit — dbo staple.

Over-rated or not, I am a fan.  Whether it be the fresh-never-frozen patties, the sweet, toasted buns, the sweet and tangy spread or the fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes — all together, it is one burger that is without equal – still.  The quest for the best burger is still on for many but I think unless I stumble on another that can equal or top this, I remain a fan.

In-N-Out is the place to get real fresh burgers, great shakes and the hottest fries.  The menu so simple, unless you go for their Not-So-Secret Menu, has just 3 choices.

Blue Bottle Coffee

“Actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis – a good hot cup of coffee.” Alexander King

A good hot cup of coffee is how I often start my day.  As soon as I wake up, I go straight to the stove and brew myself a good hot cup of coffee on my Bialetti Moka Express.  Aside from straightening up my wonky days, I love how the room smells after each brewing.

If faced with many choices, I feel like I’m in a candy store and cannot resist the urge to get myself something, “just to try”.   I tend to hoard as A would always tell me.  I know… guilty as charged.  He’d occasionally inspect the cupboard or the freezer and exclaim, “you bought coffee again?”   😕

I take mine black, and prefer it medium roasted.  I don’t like sour or bitter coffee, I prefer mine smooth with a tinge of sweetness at the end.  Does that make me a coffee connoisseur?  Not at all.  I just … love coffee to pieces.

I swore to myself that I’d stop buying until I’ve used up half of my stash but how could I resist this?  It seems like my kind of coffee!

While lining up for my drip coffee (at a stall outside the Ferry Building), I asked a staff, which among all the different kinds displayed would she recommend.  “How do you make your coffee?” she asked.  “I use a Bialetti stove top device”, I answered.  “Do you like your coffee bold, sweet, light?”  she probed some more.  Well… she got me at “how do you make your coffee”.   And that, my friends, was how I ended up with more stash.  And she hit it right on!  It was definitely my kind of coffee.   😀

Blue Bottle.  One of the best I’ve ever tried.  I highly recommend.

Useful Info:

Where I had my first taste of Blue Bottle Coffee:

Ferry Building Marketplace, Shop #7, 1 Ferry Building. San Francisco
M-S 7-7, Sunday 8-5

Farmer’s Market Day:

San Francisco Ferry Plaza Market – One Ferry Building
espresso, drip coffee and beans
Saturday west side and south side 7:30-2
Tuesday west side 7:30-2
Thursday west side 7:30-2

Visit the Blue Bottle Website to see other locations.

The Slanted Door

The plan was to have a meal at one of the stalls or food trucks parked in front of the Ferry Building. Serendipitously though we managed to get a table at The Slanted Door.

I think this was a day mapped out by providence.

The Phan family owns The Slanted Door, a modern Vietnamese restaurant overlooking the Bay that showcases humble family recipes made exceptional (by Chef Charles Phan) with locally sourced ingredients.

The wait staffs were friendly albeit busy.  It was a busy lunch day after all and we were really lucky to have gotten a table without reservations.

We had, to share, the Green Papaya with pickled carrots, tofu, rau ram (Vietnamese coriander) and roasted peanuts.  Love the fresh and crunchy papaya with the tangy dressing.

The Grass-fed Estancia Shaking Beef – tender cubes of filet mignon sautéed in red onions and a soy sauce vinaigrette and served with a pepper & lime dipping sauce — outstanding. Even without the dipping sauce, the dish stands on its own.  A must-have on every visit.

Perfect with their broken jasmine rice.

This codfish over rice noodle was delish too.

Modern and trendy, The Slanted door is more than the food.  It has a sweeping view of the Bay too to go with the food.

The Slanted Door
Ferry Bldg
1, San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 861-8032

My Wonderland

If I lived in San Francisco, I’d be hanging out a lot here, spending all my hard-earned money on everything on display.  This is my wonderland.

Located at the foot of Market Street is Ferry Building Marketplace.  Shops in all sizes offer everything from frozen yogurt to artisan cheeses.

Acme Breads — giving Boudin a run for their money

Superb cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery — I went all gaga with the selections!

On the day we were there, stalls of fruits, vegetables, flowers and a wealth of other products,

which include artisan specialties like ice creams, cheeses and honey occupied the front of the building along the Embarcadero.

On the other side are food trucks and stalls where many from near and far would trek to enjoy good, affordable food.

Taken from the back… stall owners busy preparing orders.

Food trucks and stalls from the front

A really good food truck is Roli Roti that served a mean Porchetta sandwich — they wanted to go home and was selling the last slab at a very good price.  We obviously bought it to have for dinner that night.  Lip-smacking good!

At the back of the building, one could sit back and enjoy the goodies purchased perhaps from one of the stores or stalls while marveling at a beautiful view of the bay bridge.

As luck would have it, I will be back sooner than I ever expected but that’s a tale for another day.   😀