WS# 4: A Cookbook Junkie


Sshhh… I am a cookbook junkie… don’t tell.  I used to buy (a lot) but lately have been more prudent.  I stopped going to the bookstore and if I can’t help it, I avoid the cookbook section.  You see, I don’t really have time to cook a lot.  Living alone also has its drawbacks.  It’s no fun cooking for one.   But once in a while, especially if DBF is around, I would whip up something special er… something more difficult that is, than pasta and salad, which is my staple “cooking for one” dish.

I love to eat, that’s why.  I love anything associated with food, be it a cookbook, a foodie mag, food blogs or Discovery Travel and Living.  I also have no preference, really.  I can eat street food but will not pass up a chance to go high end as well, which is more often. Hee hee.  When I travel, I always make it a point to try the local cuisine from hole-in-a-walls to classy joints.  I love discovering new cuisines and the best are usually in simple roadside eateries where the locals go.  I make it a point though to splurge on at least one dining experience before heading home.

So don’t tell about this little “cookbook” secret…

Psst… I spent the weekend learning this new trick in photoshop.  Did some cleaning as well hence this entry.  I am attempting to rid of stuff I don’t need and live more simply.  I always say that I am a minimalist at heart, I just need a bigger space. Hahaha!   😛  Have nice week ahead!

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