DrumhellerCredits:  Paper- Khakisack Scraps’ Think Pink Tan solid paper;  Elements- Katie Pertiet Storyboard negatives, Shabby Miss Jenn Design’s Zigzag stitching green;  Alphas- Jessica Sprague’s Beautiful Evidence Alpha;  Overlay- Jessica Sprague’s ThankYa Scratchy overlay

Dinosaurs.  Never on my agenda.  Never was interested.  But I’m glad we went.  It turned out to be one fascinating trip to Drumheller, not only is it home to the best badland scenery in Canada, it also has the richest deposits of fossil and dinosaur bones in North America but more importantly, it is where the world famous Royal Tyrell Museum is located.  Nestled in the heart of the Canadian badlands, the museum is only 90 minutes from Calgary.  So drive to Drumheller one sunny Sunday we did.  The museum offers a wide range of amenities from audio guides and programs to trails outside the museum. 


For the hiking enthusiasts

IMG_2333And for those who prefers to just look

The floodwaters from melting glacier carved the Red Deer River Valley more than 10,000 years ago, creating the badlands.  The trail allows one to explore and marvel at the wonders of the badlands that include volcanic clay, hoodoos and fossils.


The museum houses the world’s largest display of dinosaurs and offers a wide variety of creative, fun and educational programs.

 IMG_2294Jacketing is a process to protect the delicate fossils from damage

Located in the heart of the Canadian badlands, the abundance of dinosaur fossils established Drumheller as the dinosaur capital of Canada and for good reason.  There used to be a shore located there from an inland sea.  This interface between river, land and ocean was home to millions of dinosaurs in prehistoric past hence the abundance of fossils.



Tyrannosaurus Rex also named “King of the Tyrant Lizards”

When you find yourself in Drumheller and if you have time (we didn’t), try to check out other attractions such as:

o      The water park along the Red Deer River

o      The world’s largest dinosaur (and take a photo of the badlands from it’s mouth)

o      The Hoodoos

o      The Alberta coal mine

o      The Fossil World Discovery Center

Or you might want to walk across the historic suspension bridge or sign up for one of the Royal Tyrell Museum education courses for your kids or for you even.  A trip well worth the drive.  I learned something new that day.


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  1. What a wonderful and interesting post…

    You must have had a great time !!

    Very cool series of photos..

    Mr Linky has been down since yesterday afternoon … bit of a pain !!


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