Maligne Valley

Scenic Sunday


Pronounced “mah-leen”, is riddled by an extensive karsts system – a geological formation of caves above and below ground level.  In the case of Maligne Valley, no one knows where the water for Maligne Lake goes.  Located at the south end of Maligne Road, this gorgeous wildlife-filled, glacier fed lake is one of the largest in the Rockies.  Watch for elk, sheep, moose along the road, we were told and bears are usually spotted around the lake.




Completing the Maligne Valley highlight is Maligne Canyon where the river has eaten away at the limestone of the valley eroding the softer rocks.  The result is a smooth, steep walled canyon bringing forth one of the most spectacular gorge in the Canadian Rockies.  Waterfalls, fossils, potholes are just some of the wonders of the canyon.




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