Small Treats: Halo-halo!

mwtwhitekabigting'sCredits to LivE‘s Sing for Spring Kit:  Papers- PP3-PP7; Elements- Birdoodle, Twill2_delight and Twill2_enjoy.

A popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and milk to which are added various cooked beans and fruits.  My all-time favorite!  Kabigting’s halo-halo is Arayat’s pride; its unassuming façade (which even looked closed) reveals nothing of this sweet delight.  After breakfast at Abe’s Farm, we headed towards the town of Arayat, further away but we just had to have our halo-halo fix.  Who says dessert has to come after meals?  If I have my way, dessert comes first.

Pastillas.  That’s what makes their halo-halo different from the rest.  A different version from different towns and regions makes this Filipino dessert interesting.  One can use anything under the sun (that’s edible, of course), from fancy ones with tons of ingredients to something as simple as pastillas, mashed beans and corn.   The sweetness of the milk candy contrasts well with the saltiness of the corn.  The mashed beans add the texture and the result?  Delightfully refreshing.

Ice.  Ice is important too.  What always ruin my halo-halo experience are big chunks of ice.  Their smooth-shaved ice blends perfectly with all the other ingredients.

So if you find yourself in Magalang, make the effort to drive further and enjoy a serving of their simple yet excellent halo-halo.  It will make your day.

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6 thoughts on “Small Treats: Halo-halo!

  1. I’m of the same mind as you – desserts should sometimes come first. Also, it’s perfectly acceptable to travel miles out of the way if you have a craving. This is the first I’ve heard of Halo-Halo. The ingredients sound unusual – I don’t usually associate veggies with dessert! (Though that would make it more nutritious!)


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