Saxman Village

Scenic Sunday

Credits:  Sunshine Artz template 04, Grand Intention Kit: JSprague Type Red and Yellow Solid papers

The Southernmost sizable city in the state of Alaska is Ketchikan, also known as the salmon capital of the world.  Its economy thrives on tourism and fishing and in the native village of Saxman, tourists flock to view a strand of totem poles some 30-40 feet tall.   Its totem pole park boasts of the single largest collection of totems.

Totem Poles are like billboards, signposts or tombstones, telling stories and honoring heritage.  They used to be mistakenly thought as religious symbols of worships and many were burned as a result.

Good thing original carvers of totem poles still live in the area now known as Alaska’s “Inside Passage” and are members of the Tlingit , Haida and other clans.

In a shed near the village is Tlingit’s famous carver Nathan Jackson.  We got to see his workstation sans the carver.  He is normally there carving but unfortunate for us, he was unavailable at the time of visit.

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7 Responses to Saxman Village

  1. Lovely scenic views of these marvelous totem poles. My sister and her husband sent me pictures from their visit to Ketchikan and I shared a while back at Happily Retired Gal. My Scenic Sunday this week is at Sacred Ruminations this week.
    Hugs and blessings,


  2. Eileen says:

    Great post on the Ketchikan totems. You have some wonderful photos, I enjoyed the port of Ketchikan when we cruised to Alaska.


  3. Joe Todd says:

    Thanks for the tour I will probably never get to see in person.


  4. Carol says:

    Very cool story and photos!


  5. BK says:

    It is interesting to see so many totems at one place. They made me wonder how they were carved, especially the one 30-40 feet tall.


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  7. Oh they are very interesting and cool. Happy SS!


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