Halibut on Creek Street

Scenic Sunday

What caught my eye when we got to town from Saxman Village was a lovely row of wooden buildings resting on pilings above Ketchikan creek.   Guess where we headed after the lumberjack show?

Once an infamous “red light district”, the heart of downtown Ketchikan has today turned into galleries and restaurants, mostly original buildings with lots of stories to tell.

One such is Dolly’s House catering once to “gentlemen seeking the company of women”.   😉

Known to sport anglers as a busy place year round for fishing for wild trout, Pacific salmon, and halibut (my favorite).

So, when we spotted Halibut Hole while browsing through shops along the boardwalk, we did not hesitate and went right in for a taste of their famous fish and chips before heading back to our ship.

The halibut, which of course came most highly recommended, was what we had.  We were not disappointed.

Fish so juicy and tender deep-fried in delicious crispy batter.  That + a bowl of clam chowder, and we were a happy pair walking back to the pier.

They also serve salmon, clams and shrimp in the same crispy batter

It was a good “first day” off shore and I can tell you that it just gets better.  So stay tuned!

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Halibut Hole
7 Creek St.

One thought on “Halibut on Creek Street

  1. Oh my gush you make me hungry lol!! That halibut fish and clam chowder are just my favorite ever!! Anyhow I like the 4th picture it is a postcard picture perfect. Great to find nice shots here in scenic Sunday and that is all over the world. Thanks for sharing.

    Scenic Sunday-Castle Rock


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