Mendenhall Glacier

Credits:  Template by Crystal; Eyelet Twill in Natural by K Pertiet;  Solid Paper by J Crowley both from J Sprague’s Grand Intentions Kit.

Alaska’s most famous river of ice is attracting a lot of curiosity from visitors from around the world.  Fed from an icefield high above Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier is about 13 miles long, by no means the largest of Alaska’s numerous glaciers but perhaps the most visited given that it is only 13 miles from downtown Juneau and is accessible by bus and a mile-long walk.  One can also opt to bike.

As with 90 percent of Alaska’s glaciers, Mendenhall is shrinking at an increasingly rapid rate.  A sign that the world we live in is changing faster than we ever imagined.

Visit Little Red House and enjoy the many wonderful mosaics.


6 thoughts on “Mendenhall Glacier

  1. Hello Jen,
    The photos of your blog are splendid. Now, about your post : here too (France) the river of ice in Mont-Blanc – (Alpes Mountains) is shrinking at an alarming rate. It is the consequences of the global warming…
    I like your blog.
    Thank you for stopping by Art Glehen


  2. Hi Jenn, these are beautiful shots and I love your PScraps. Our paths have not crossed in the memes we join, am I glad to you came to visit.


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