Feast to My Senses

Winding through stretches of wilderness, passing through primeval forests of Sitka spruce and aqua colored river and lakes surrounded by towering mountains in slow-mo with Ennio Morricone scoring in the background is a scene that still plays in my mind 8 months after.  Yes, the stunning and equally dramatic scenery deserves no less than an Ennio Morricone score.

Here’s one of my favorite Morricone score:  Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso

From the moment our journey started in Seward, it quickly began its climb through stunning forests, a string of massive glacier to lakes and river sceneries that only seem to escalate as the sun gets more golden on our approach to Anchorage.  Hands down, one of the finest voyages I’ve ever taken, a real feast to my senses.  The late Alaskan sunset (luckily) also meant good light for most of the trip, which resulted to this.

At some point, the tracks made a perfect U, which allowed for these shots:

Yeah, it rained at one point too.

And last but not the least!  Some shots taken as we approached Anchorage at 10pm!

If you ever find yourself in Seward, Alaska, don’t think twice… book yourself a ticket at Alaska Railroad Corporation for the best scenic ride of your life.

Click icon below for more scenes from around the globe.

Scenic Sunday

9 thoughts on “Feast to My Senses

  1. Vernz, I consider myself really blessed indeed to be able to travel as it has become a huge passion. And by chronicling, I not only keep the memories alive but I also get to share these with friends, vicarious travelers and people who share the same passion. I want to do this until the day I can’t anymore… 🙂 Thanks for the visit!

    Eileen, it was breathtakingly beautiful.


  2. Alaska…such a beauty. Awesome photos and makes me want to plan a trip. Thanks for the photos and all the travel tips. It would be very helpful in my future travels 🙂


  3. Even if this is already 6 years old, i still can’t contain my joy and envy in seeing your posts and photos. How i wish i have time and budget like you. My travels are so tamed and so common compared to yours, so i can fully relate to the enthusiasm and excitement with your travels.Have fun and i wish you more blessings. Keep safe though.


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