Kapuluan Vista Resort

On my next trip to Maira-ira, this is where I am staying.  This road trip happened on a long weekend and we didn’t book early enough to secure us enough rooms.  The website photos lured me to this resort so even if we ended up staying somewhere else, we made it a point to have lunch here, just to see if we missed anything.

A far cry from where we stayed (that’s for sure!)

The entrance alone made me feel like weeping.  How could we have taken our sweet time, knowing that it was a long weekend?  Lesson learned – never underestimate even the remotest resort.  It was not so much the entrance (although it has a charm of its own, don’t you think?)

Great spot to laze around and finish your book

but the beach across the street almost tempted me to stay and savor my own solitude for a while.  But the tummy calls and so we ventured inside.

Once inside, we were greeted with modern minimalist lines, cogon (thatch) roofs and the use of bamboo here and there provided the local touch.

The pool invites for a dip and those lounge chairs lures us to laze around while we wait for our food.

No fancy fare but pretty good.

The outdoor massage area spells Tranquility (with a capital T).

Blue bancas on Blue Lagoon

Just a stone’s throw away from Blue Lagoon, Kapuluan Vista Resort is a haven for surfers really, the owners being surfers themselves.  The guests, while we were there were a mixture of locals and foreigners, surfers no doubt.

Still 1.5 hours away from Laoag and at least 15 km from Saud beach in Pagudpud, this resort out in the middle of nowhere is another hidden gem discovered.  And even if a surfer you are not, the cozy atmosphere is reason enough to stay a night or two.  A great place to recharge from the daily grind, if you ask me, and a return sometime in the near future is likely to happen.

How to get there:

There will be signboards on a spot where the road forks, also known as Gaoa (pronounced Gawa, I think).   It will be on the left side if you are traveling north.  Follow the road where the signboard leads, which will turn into a dusty stretch.  Before reaching the resort, there will be some settlements along the way.

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8 Responses to Kapuluan Vista Resort

  1. Does look like a great place to go! Love your photos! Hope you have a great week!



  2. Japa says:

    It is a great place to stay and visit. Your photos made it more enticing.


  3. lawstude says:

    i love that place and won’t hesitate to go back even if the trip sooooooooo long 🙂 great shots.


  4. lianne says:

    oh wow…. i want to gooooo!!!!!! looks beautiful and i’m missing beach trips BADLY.



  5. Evelyn says:

    What a beautiful place. Love that little vehicle.


  6. well, I would not mind visiting 🙂


  7. Jill says:

    oohh! so pretty! I like the little car too 🙂 And i love! your banner photo with the hills and horses (where is that?)


    • zeal4adventure says:

      Jill, the banner photo was shot in the northern tip of the Philippines called Batanes. A favorite since I first stepped on the island in ’97.


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