Syquia Mansion

Credits:  Papers by Jessica Sprague Home Away From Home Paper kit.

This colonial mansion built in 1830 at the corner of Quirino Blvd. and Salcedo St. is the ancestral home of Doña Alicia Syquia, wife of Philippine’s 6th president, the late Elpidio Quirino.

It is today a museum that offers free entrance to visitors.  In the house are 19th century furnishings, memorabilia and various photos, providing a glimpse to the man.

Doña Alicia did not live to become first lady however, because she was a casualty of World War II — she along with 3 of her children were killed by the Japanese.  Elpidio did not re-marry and his daughter, Doña Victoria served as First Lady.

The mansion had become the official residence of President Quirino thus claimed as the first Malacañang of the north.

A portrait of Doña Victoria graces the wall of the Receiving Room

A single wooden stairs leads to the receiving room on the 2nd floor where a replica of the Spolarium hangs.  Rumor has it that Juan Luna’s assistant painted the replica and this was what they referred to when the real Spolarium was restored.

The rooms are spacious with various doors linking one room from the other.  One can enter one door and exit another door leading to another room.

Capiz windows up close

The mansion was well kept and retains a lot of the 19th century details.

Glass window detail

I am a fan of Machuca tiles — flooring used in the Azotea

Looking out to the Azotea froma room (nice grill detail too).

The guide was very knowledgeable and equipped with many information.  Definitely a must see when in Vigan.

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10 thoughts on “Syquia Mansion

  1. A very compelling place for a stopover. Next time I visit Laoag, this Vigan gem definitely will be a destination. Well done here, showcasing tha late president’s memorabilia and more.


  2. Very interesting; what a beautiful place. I love the painting in the second photo, and the bed is spectacular. How interesting that his daughter acted as “first lady.” I like that.


  3. Just found out that Dona Alicia Syquia was my great great great aunt or something of that effect. My last name is Syquia, and as it turns out anyone who has this last name is a relative of mine. Have yet to visit the Phillipines, however I plan on making a trip soon! This is definitely a place I must visit.


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