Back to My Everyday

Credits:  JSprague TW paper kit (JSprague Brown Solid, JSprague Red Solid, KHMize Boogie Star Stripe, KPertiet King Me, K Pertiet Letterbox Bird Watcher, Trish Jones TNC radientessence papers); JSprague TW Snapshot template

Journal reads:

Today I come back home to my everyday.  As I enter, I am transported back to the usual accustomed routine.  I however welcome the smell, the organized chaos and the quietness of my home.  A jaunt, long or short, breaks the monotony of my everyday and makes me look forward to the familiar, every time.  The comfort of my bed, the smell of my pillow and the warmth of my blanket never fail to welcome me back home. Today I cook with glee after eating out every single day.  Today I enthusiastically put up my feet, sit on my couch and work on my computer as I always do on a normal day.  Today I say hello to home sweet home… it is good to be back.


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