Double Double

Credits:  Papers from LivEdesigns’ SsunFun Paper pack — Moss, Sidewalk Chalk, Stripey and Vineyard.  Elements from PouYou’s Pink & Me kit — round stitch / couture 2; Scrapmatter’s Life’s Little Surprises Kit — dbo staple.

Over-rated or not, I am a fan.  Whether it be the fresh-never-frozen patties, the sweet, toasted buns, the sweet and tangy spread or the fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes — all together, it is one burger that is without equal – still.  The quest for the best burger is still on for many but I think unless I stumble on another that can equal or top this, I remain a fan.

In-N-Out is the place to get real fresh burgers, great shakes and the hottest fries.  The menu so simple, unless you go for their Not-So-Secret Menu, has just 3 choices.


2 thoughts on “Double Double

  1. It’s the fries that keep me coming back. I love the burger but I am one of those still unsatisfied with it and hoping there’s better out there. Until then, this is the best I’ve ever had.


  2. Me, what I love the best is their sweet toasted buns. That bite of crunchiness adds so much to the whole burger… me thinks. 🙂


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