Life’s Simple Kneads

Borrowing from their tagline, The Reflexology Company or TRC has been serving the Singaporeans’ “simple kneads” since 2005.  I’m a sucker for massages.  Doing the mall rounds (on a free day from a business trip) with friend V, I mentioned to her that I was going for a massage at the hotel that evening — doesn’t matter how expensive it is.  I was so in need of a back rub.  She looked at me and said, “better yet, why don’t I take you to where I get mine here and it will cost you half the price?”  Done.  Who needs to shop when one can get a massage instead?   😛  So off we went to Novena Square for that much-needed kneading.

A simple plan shiatsu turned into an hour of invigorating tuina massage.  It brought me back to my first authentic tuina experience.  While my first was a discovery albeit a bit too short, this was absolutely blissful – especially since I went for an hour of full body treatment by no less than their “master” trainer, or so they say.  He had forceful hands and is very precise in his moves – he was without a doubt a master in his craft.

The Foot Reflexology Area

If you find yourself in need of a massage whilst in Singapore, do check out The Reflexology Company in either the Novena Square or the Raffles City.

Useful Info:

The Reflexology Company
Novena Square #03-16
Tel:  6352-2874
Raffles City #03-12
Tel:  6337-7947



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