Around Isarog

So the mishap in our reservations gave birth to a short exploration of nearby spots around Naga.

A whole afternoon with nothing to do, we headed to Mt. Isarog (after a Bicolano lunch at the SM) not to climb it but to explore the nearby areas.  We hired a van for the afternoon and heeded his recommendation.  He brought us to an enclosed hilly grassland where they breed deer, the land so vast we had to look hard to find them.

We eventually walked to where they were grazing or resting to get a better glimpse.

As we were approaching, one by one they got up and in no time dashed towards the gate.

Turned out it was feeding time and friend S who didn’t walk with us gets to feed them.

The provincial government funds this Deer Farm, which today holds 300 herds of deer from 60 herds when it started in 1996.  They have at least 5 species from Australia such as Blackbuck Antelope, Fallow Deer, Red Deer, Elk, etc.   Located at the slopes of Bicol’s 2nd highest mountain, the Deer Farm is about a 90-mins scenic countryside ride from CWC.

Nestled on the shoulder of Isarog and about 30 minutes drive from the deer farm is Concosep, a barangay in the town of Tigaon.

With an elevation of about 1,800 ft, Consocep is home to 3 waterfalls (Tumaguiti, Kawa-kawa, and Bulalacao) but because just days before the trip, I developed a pinched nerve and could hardly walk; we opted to visit just Kawa-kawa falls, the smaller and has the easiest trail of the three.

The path is wide and mostly concrete and it only takes a few minutes to reach the falls.

Derived from the word “kawali” or pan because the pool resembles it.  Nothing impressive but it gave my nerves a good workout, which actually was recommended by many.

Unwittingly, it turned out to be a good 1st day.

Useful Info:

If you are in need of transport around Naga, get in touch with:

Edgar Medina
Mobile:  0933-480-1747 / 0926-567-9797 / 0918-596-2593

4 thoughts on “Around Isarog

  1. Happy belated Easter.

    Makes me wonder if the deer are bred for consumption. I remember in the 80s we went to a restaurant by the bay and they serve kalderetang usa and I asked where they got their usa/deer and they told us they were bred.


  2. Interesting! I didn’t know there were elk in Australia and red deer. I looked it up with Wikipedia. It says that both kind of deer were introduced in Asia and Australia. So they are not indigenous in Australia. I like deer and we have enough of them overhere, but only in game parks and city parks.
    Thanks for visiting! I also buy cards and presents from Unicef and for my birthday I also ask a little something from Unicef They have beautiful candles, candle sticks, calenders, T-shirts, diaries … I buy those things either from Unicef or from Oxfam. I am going to write a post about Unicef when the letter “U”is having its turn in the ABC meme. Have a great week!


  3. We were supposed to visit a deer farm and elephant sanctuary somewhere in Malaysia, but skipped it because we felt like we were having an overdose of animals encounter after the Singapore zoo experience the preceding day. I liked your photos.


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