Off To El Nido…

And so we got up early the next day, had breakfast, and before we knew it, the van we booked ahead to take us to El Nido came, earlier than expected.

The 5-hour ride was uneventful with several toilet stops along the way.  Except for the last stretch of unpaved road due to road repairs and widening – I’ll say about an hour left of travel time – the ride was pretty smooth albeit a bit cramp.  But vans are always a bit cramp.  I heard that the RoRo buses have more leg room so that perhaps might be a better option next time.

From the Lexus Company terminal at Calle Lising, a tricycle was the easiest way to get to the El Nido Viewdeck Inn;

a bed and breakfast perched on a hill with a fantastic view of the town and has for its backdrop, limestone walls.

Just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the town, the Viewdeck Inn provides serenity amidst mountains.  From the road, the inn welcomes with a series of steep steps, which leads to their reception area (a down side — if you may call it that — of accommodations set in the mountains).

We were led to climb more steps to get to our cottage and needless to say, we got a good workout during our 4-day stay — the upside, yes?   😉

The room is basic with nothing to rave about save for that wonderful view from our balcony– this is what the place is all about after all.  Personally, the bonus is in the coffee.  No, it’s not the best coffee I’ve had; in fact it’s a 3-in-1, sometimes a 2-in-1 even.  That and a thermos of hot water awaits in our balcony just before we wake up.

A hot cup of coffee with a sunrise view is enough to charm me to pieces and forget that I am drinking instant.  Toast, jam and scrambled eggs –breakfast so simple, I love it – follows about half an hour later.

Before heading to town, we chat a bit with the guy at the reception.  Mang Rudy, as it turns out, owns and runs the place and when asked if he was the owner, smiling he says “hindi halata no?” (it’s not obvious right?).   Well, no Mang Rudy because you wear the oldest, most comfortable t-shirts and shorts, we thought you were the caretaker.  And that’s how he likes it.  He is the perfect host, taking great care of us and that’s how we like it.

Getting There:

Shuttle Services:
Fortwally Shuttle Services: (63) 917-276-2875 / (63) 921-311-8755
Eulen Joy Shuttle Van: (63) 949-449-8858 / (63) 926-699-8700
Lexus Company: (63) 917-585-9602

RoRo Bus:  
Puerto-El Nido:  (63) 908-920-2568
El Nido-Puerto: (63) 917-597-1182

Useful Info:

El Nido Viewdeck Inn
Mobile:  (63) 927-723-4067 / (63) 947-601-8599
Email: /

11 thoughts on “Off To El Nido…

  1. the views from your balkonahe are spectacular. i wouldn’t be surprised if one allows a day just to spend there reading and doing nothing but sightseeing.


    1. Oh yes, that view sealed the deal. And yes, we spent an afternoon in the hammocks provided around the garden reading and sleeping. Precious down time.


  2. I have been wanting to take that route for long but can’t find people who want to join me. Those photos are spectacular. I will take note of your data which might come handy for me too. That place with Mang Rudy sounds good and 3-n-1 tastes better with a spectacular view, i can also bring my own coffee!


  3. I’m thinking of those tricycles with your luggage, and then walking those stairs with your luggage, and yes, this was not only a beautiful get-away-from-it-all vacation, but you ended up in great shape too. Beautiful photos. I will remember this post, in case I get the chance to do some traveling.


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