The Greatest Gift of our Lives

Wasn’t it just Christmas?  Time flies, doesn’t it?

I am quiet here, as it is every year during this season — catching up with reunions, celebrations and the buying and giving of gifts are my reasons, as always.  So I hope you don’t mind the silence.  I however, have not forgotten to drop by to greet you, my dear friends, a joyful Christmas.


Credits: Alphas by Erica Made; Paper by Sara McCarthy’s RA Ink Design Co.; Frame by Sweet Sunshine.

Let’s not forget the greatest gift this season and the real reason for celebrating.  We are the reason Jesus gave his life, we are the reason He suffered and died… so let’s try to give back to Him and to the people around us, even to those we don’t know.

I leave you with something to reflect in this Christmas.  Have a blessed Christmas, everyone!!


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