An Outing Outside of Fes: Volubilis


It seats on top of some of the most fertile land in the Middle Atlas only 5 kilometers away from Moulay Idriss, situated near Meknes between Fes and Rabat. A site so unexpected, truth to tell.


This Roman ruins consist of no more than half of the original town, but the well-defined remains of its walls,


its intact and intricate mosaics, and the foundation of buildings


destroyed by a massive earthquake sometime in the 18th century has earned recognition by the UNESCO as an ancient Roman site that houses extensive ruins dating back over 2,000 years.

The Mauritanian capital became an important outpost of the Roman Empire and was adorned with many fine buildings. Already a thriving town, Volubilis grew rapidly under the Roman rule from the 1st century AD onwards.

olive-treesOlive trees still grace the land.

Grains and olive oils, produced in the fertile lands of this province were exported to Rome as well as wild animals for gladiatorial spectacles, contributing to the town’s wealth and prosperity. The last stop of the Roman Imperial roads that went across France, Spain and down to Morocco’s northern city of Tangiers,


Volubilis is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a larger Roman colonial town on the fringe of the empire. Its structure comparable to other Roman ruins along the Mediterranean.


Many, including us, travel to Volubilis to explore the sites’ historical significance. Amongst the ruins, visitors can see a range of public buildings, olive mills, houses, and temples.


And because Morocco is a country of mosaic, the rather well-preserved mosaics from the ruins are considered among the finest in existence.


From the entrance, one can appreciate the green plateau that Volubilis seats on,


and when one reaches the site, fabulous views of the Rif Mountains and its surround greets.

So picturesque, Volubilis is picture perfect at any angle. Here’s more of the ruins:







5 thoughts on “An Outing Outside of Fes: Volubilis

  1. wow, this is a beautiful place Jenn, I am always fascinated by ruins so I definitely will have a great time there. However, I probably will not be given a chance to go there so your photos are the next best thing. Thanks for sharing!


    1. You’re welcome but never say never. You’ll never know, the opportunity might just present itself. 🙂


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