Those who love history, current events, and the spiritual will enjoy exploring this tiny country.

Israel has a history of survival, the Jews have had to endure captivity after captivity throughout their existence.  Its history begins with God, who chose Abraham and his descendants to be His people and entered into a covenant relationship with them.  He was to be their God and the Israelites, His people.

Beit She’an Ruins

He promised that they will inherit the land of Canaan and grant them national protection, provided that they keep the 10 Commandments.  This covenant took effect at Horeb and renewed on the plains of Moab.

The ruins of Beit She’an

As recorded in the Bible, the land of Israel is the birthplace of the Jewish people, where its culture, religion, and national identity was founded.  The Jewish people never severed nor forgot its bond with the land, even after many were forced into exile.

Best friends spotted at the Jewish Quarter

Israel gained independence in 1948.  It is (today) a modern-day nation in the Middle East that makes up part of the biblical Holyland.  The modern country of Israel included two distinct nationalities, the Palestinian and the Jewish.  Each nationality is free from its religious identity.  The Palestinians are Arabs whose traditions are founded in Medina culture. At the same time, the Jews define their culture in large part around their religion as well. 

Streets of Tel Aviv

The Israelis embrace many lifestyles, from modern to traditional, from urban to rural.  The country has a lively contemporary culture that is also very variegated because of the country’s diverse population originating from some 100 countries.

Jews at the Wailing Wall

While the majority of Israel adopts a secular lifestyle, both amongst Jews and Arabs, freedom of faith and worship is a cornerstone of Israeli democracy. 

The Dead Sea

A fascinating country steeped in history.  It is the land of the Bible.  In the next posts, we will walk through the days of old.


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