A whole new WORLD!

I only wanted to learn how to enhance my photos with Photoshop.  I went on the ‘net looking for tips and tutorials and soon discovered a new word… DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING.  What’s that, eh?  Well, it pretty much explains itself. It’s scrapbooking without having to cut and paste (literally that is). Hybrid, I believe is somewhere in between.  I had a very, very short stint at scrapbooking back in college and then life took over and before I knew it, it was over. Hehe!  So anyway, aside from that really short stint way, way back, I never really thought that I would be scrapbooking (again)… but I got curious and so I lurked around some “digiscrappers” blog sites and pretty soon I was going wow, Wow, WOW!  I can learn to do that and that to my collection of travel photos?  You got me!

To cut the story short, I got lured into an on-line (self paced) class for beginners here but even before I signed up for that, I saw that she was offering a free class for newbies and oldies (it didn’t matter, she said) and so I decided to test the waters and signed up.  How cool is that?   Class starts on the 9th and so hopefully you’ll see some of my works here.  Hopefully. 

BUT before that, I’m off to YAP tomorrow for some awesome diving. Woohoo!  I’ll post some pics and tell you all about it when I get back.

So come take this new journey with me.  I’ll be sharing my adventures with you, hopefully in a different way.

Stay tuned!


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