Trying My Hand at Digital Scrapbooking

Yay!  My very first digital scrapbook layout! *clap! clap! clap!*  You can view it here.  Did you like it?  I used the template Jessica Sprague generously provided on her Stories in Hand class (which by the way, was for free!). It’s pretty much just dragging and dropping but it’s my first layout nonetheless! 😀  But because it’s a template, there were a lot of elements I couldn’t change including the title (I Create) so I sort of worked around it. 😉  Did you notice?  I think it’s kinda pushing it huh?  Anyway, will change it once I’m up and running with Photoshop.  I took the Stories in Hand class just to test the waters and I might have been hooked!  Had loads of fun!  I’m giving Jessica’s self-paced Up and Running with Photoshop class a shot.  So expect to see more layouts down the road!!


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