Gotta Love Nitrox!

nitroxrulesLove it so much it’s got a post all it’s own.   Divers breathe nitrox as a means of extending the amount of time they can stay underwater or what we call bottomtime.  Got myself Nitrox certified prior to our trip to Yap so I (or we as a group) can stay longer underwater with the mantas (and sharks).  And I’m glad I did!  If you came across my earlier post (here), you would know that on our first dive, I only had 7 minutes left when the mantas came appearing, which also meant that I only had 3-4 minutes of “up close” time with them.  That’s what one gets for scrimping — didn’t wanna pay the extra $8 for Nitrox air. Haha!  From then on, it was Nitrox all the way baby! 😉

Aside from it being safer as it reduces the risk of developing decompression sickness (DCS), another reason to use Nitrox air is it does not drain you out at the end of the day.  We were partying till the wee hours — ok, that’s an exaggeration but we were up till almost midnight at least, considering that we had to be up by 6 every morning.   Nitrox Rules! 😀

Nitrox Air – is a breathing gas that many scuba divers use to extend bottomtime & increase safety while diving.  It is simply a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen but with a high concentration of oxygen than normal air.  Also called Enriched Air Nitrox, Safe air, or EANx.  Strict adherence to guidelines and procedures can allow divers to safely use Nitrox.

Ok… I will stop being dorky now.   I’m off to another (hopefully) great weekend out of town.  Hope to be back with new finds… until then, keep safe and enjoy your long weekend, which officially started this morning. 😛


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