Fear Conquered

02.21.2004 – Canopy Walk, Cagayan de Oro

First you have to know that I have this great fear of heights.  Scared to rappel, scared of ridges (especially if it drops more than 10 feet), scared to look down the balcony of a tall building and definitely scared s**t to zip down to the first platform and walk on slippery (angled) bars and wobbly hanging walkways.  No way Jose!  But peer pressure and the thought of being left behind got the better of me and I lived to tell the tale. 😀


Credits:  Amy Teets whitie tighties paper; Jessica Sprague Echoes of Asia dark blue solid paper, lt. blue solid paper; Jessica Sprague Echoes Ribbon – striped; Jessica Sprague Echoes frame 7×5; Katie Pertiet stamped moments-forever

So will I do it again?  Are you kidding?! 😛

Update:  Click on here for more information.  Thanks B!   😀


3 thoughts on “Fear Conquered

  1. Hi there. Your blog is indeed full of adventure inspiration. That is why I am beginning to make a list of fears to be conquered and unknown places to be discovered. And the Canopy Walk at Claveria would hopefully be one of those.

    I’d like to know if you still have the contact information of the organization/group that made this possible. We are planning a September trip to Cagayan de Oro, and this could be a welcome sidetrip to the whitewater rafting we intend to do.

    Keep on.


    1. I’ve forwarded Brennan Jerome’s (the outfitter we used back then) email address but I’ve decided to post it here for others who might want to try this as well.

      Jerome (last name I forget): a_detour@yahoo.com


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